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ZX1000? Z1000? Ninja 1000? Which is it to find parts?

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I have a really stupid question. i am very confused by the models of the 2014 Ninja. My insurance card says that I have a ZX1000MEF. I have the the blue one that has the fairings. The Z1000 looks to be the more naked style. Is this correct? I am looking for parts and such. I found some really cool Kawasaki rim strips on Amazon that I would like to get. But they say Ninja Z1000. That is not my bike, but I cannot find the ZX1000 strips. Any ideas??
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lol I think we all look twice, especially when other geographies have different designations. I believe it is a z1000sx in the UK Lol.

I normally go for ninja 1000 and then ask before purchasing.
Yeah Z1000 is the naked version. Rim tape should go by wheel size which should be the same for Ninja 1000 or Z1000.
There are a few different designations. Ninja 1000 usually works.
I really like these but they say Z1000. Can't find just Ninja 1000. i like these types better than just the rim tape. Anyone else tried this type?
Rim Tape

The tape will most likely fit your wheels.....but they say Z1000..
I re-labeled mine as a z1000sx. When folks ask, I say I had it imported from UK.

8 x Z1000 SX Wheel Rim Stickers Decals Many Colours Z 1000sx B | eBay


Z1000SX Fairing Decals Stickers | eBay

I did the same to my Mazda 3 car. Its now a Mazda "Excela" imported from Japan.

I wanted to change the Lexus into a Toyota Harrier, but wife said I was not allowed to mess with her car.
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