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Yoshi fender eliminator

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KAWASAKI Z1000 2014 Fender Eliminator Kit

anybody use this one?
thanks for any input
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yep, i made a quick tips here in the forums. Its not a super easy install.

If you can't find it let me know and i will hunt it down.
Yes, bit of a b!tch to install but well worth the effort.
the moto dynamic fender eliminator kit was a lot easier to instal and also looks quite clean for a lot less $. I paid 40$ for the Moto dynamic one and it came with everything you needed for the install. the only big difference is the Yoshimura it comes with a license plate contour and it took me 2 hours to get the OEM flashers into the yosh brackets...
Ben do you have a pic of the moto dynamic one after instalation, and a link as well?

Because i'm lazy, that's why.
I am pretty sure the moto dynamics fender eliminator dose work with the cases, I can't see why it would not.. all it dose is remove the big black mud guard.
I installed the Yoshimura fender eliminator kit on my 2015 and it looks great but it took me about 3 hours to install. I took my time because I had read that it was a pain to install and I didn't want to make mistakes and then have to redo anything. The only thing I deviated from the instructions on was the connectors they supplied for the license plate led lamps. They included cheap crappy butt connectors and I actually tried them first but when I tugged the wires to check for tightness they came right out so I just twisted the wires together really good and used a bunch of electric tape to wrap the connections. The other thing was the wires had to be routed a little differently than stock to get it all to fit back together, but that might have been due to the way I chose to connect those wires since it made the connection a lot thicker. Overall I am really happy with it. I bought it from Revzilla.
I also installed the Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit. Like some had mentioned, it did take some time but the kit is good quality and the fit is excellent. BTW, the Kawasaki side bags fit fine with this kit. The pic below should give a good idea of the finished product.

Also, if you're wondering, the 3 LED Strobe brake light mounted above the tag is one I got from West Chatham Warning Devices in Lexington, SC. It's a very bright and programmable flashing brake light that should get anyone's attention coming up from behind. I did have to fabricate a mounting bracket but it's an easy job and fastens using 4mm X 0.7 X 10mm long screws that hold the tag light in place. Here is a pic of it all:

Anyone interested in ordering the brake light can contact Denise at West Chatham via e-mail: [email protected]. Just ask for the new 3-LED ultra low profile flashing brake light. I believe the price is $65.
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I agree with everyone, this was a pain in the *** to put together. But I enjoy working on my own bike anyways.

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Looks good - gonna do it to mine. What exhaust do you have on your bike?
I'll second it being a pain in the rearend to put in, I chose it because it seemed like it had the best chance of fitting the topcase bracketry from SW Motech...

Here's a pic of it with the top case brackets installed. I'm hoping to make some aluminum spacers for where you see the washer/nut stack. The washers and nuts were the best I could do and stay with stainless as opposed to steel. When I finally get to it, I'll add the info for the stock height. It was a challenge because the sw motech mounts are designed to work with the OE tail/fender, and that has about a half inch thickness to it. Right now its only bolted down using the same two bolts used for the topcase brackets, and it is very solid and does not shake around.

Also note I did not install the side plates for the blinker mounts, this is because I have an integrated taillight that was installed at the same time.

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