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Yellow Fairings?

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Im looking to buy a black ninja 1000 and change the color scheme to include yellow into the mix to not only stand out so that other drivers can see me, but also to match my existing gear for my current bike and also for a degree of uniqueness. Anyone know the best way to do this? Can yellow fairings for this bike be purchased or would I have to get a paint job?:confused:
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im glad the whole bike isn't yellow it looks much better half and half. Like Tony said, tape off the areas you want to stay black and go nuts with plasti dip.

Do keep in mind plasti dip leaves you with a matte finish so if you want something glossy you should consider a plasti dip glossifier or even a straight wrap...
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How does the glossifyer work? Do you just mix it into the plasti dip? I think all yellow is a bit much. Some silver or black is a nice accent to the yellow. Mostly yellow --> sure. All yellow --> overkill.
no you spray the plasti first, let it dry and then apply the gloss over top...

makes sense, you basically treat it like clear coat. Seeing this video helps as you can really see the big difference that's made with the gloss spray.

one of the biggest plasti-dip "issues" ....SOLVED!
yea exactly. The only thing though is i've head some people online complaining that the glossifier makes it look like a cheap paint job. You dont get that glossy depth like stock.
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