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Yamaha FZ 09

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I heard the 2016 Fz 09 is going to be a 4 cylinder with over 150 hp at rear wheel. That will make it tough to keep the front end down. Has anybody else heard this?:eek:
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No, I haven't. Nor did they say anything about it at the Long Beach show. I did like the anniversary model colors as I was always a big fan of Kenny Roberts. Main thing I was told is a new blue color for it.

While I love wheelies, they can really inhibit going fast. The N1K wheelies when I want to but if keep my weight forward, I am generally pretty good to prevent wheelies except off the line.

As for power, I am generally a power junkie. For the most part the N1K feeds my inner beast. Most of the time I limited by the circumstances, not the motor.
When all else fails Google!
It is being released in Japan 1st as an MT10. When in the States it will be FZ.

FIRST LOOK: Yamaha MT-10 - CycleNews
Can't say I really like the styling. It looks too just randomly stuck together and not much continuity. The tank looks bulbous and the gap between the headlight and little cowl looks odd to me as well. If it is going to be a transformer, do a better job of it.

That much power and an almost 2" shorter wheelbase should make for a lot of wheelies. That will likely be the limit to how hard that bike can accelerate as it looks pretty tall. One side effect of a short wheelbase is often a cramped cockpit. The N1K is not exactly spacious in this area and that bike looks even worse.

I like a lot of the other things about the bike but would never buy one. I spend too much time on the highway and like the room I now have on my Ninja. At least my wife can fit on the back. The rear of that MT10 looks even smaller. At least they finally got ABS on it. That was one big knock I had against the FZ09 and made certain I would buy it.
Is it just me or do all these naked bikes look alike?
I'm also seeing that there is a discussion on another site of the FZ10 (MT10) from Yamaha. The 'super naked' is supposed to be built off the R1 platform.

Rode my bike on a really nice ride later yesterday. I think my N1K is my last bike for awhile. It rides incredibly well and even better on my new Michelin PR4 GT's. I just can't say enough good things. It's fast when I want it. It's comfortable when I need it. Best all around bike I have found. I have no desire for anything more.
I will second that, I just really like my N1K. I think there are some other bikes I would like a little bit more, but they all carry almost twice the price tag. I'm just overly satisfied with my N1K. Only thing I still miss about my old bike is the V-Twin rumble, but that's where is ends.
I am not a big fan of the sound of inline 4's but as they go, the N1K, sounds decent. I do like the sound of a high revving V-twin, triples and inline 6's and some V-4s can sound pretty cool as well. I also have to give Honda credit on their 270 degree parallel twin in the CTX 700 that when you get rid of the stock exhaust, it actually sounds pretty cool.

On the downside of this motor is it vibrates more than any other bike I've owned in recent memory other than a v-twin I have and it has to be spinning at least 10k before it has as many vibes as the N1K does. I am not saying it is terrible but at certain RPMs it is intolerable for me when riding more than about 15 min. I general the motor is pretty smooth so it is paradoxically in that sense; smooth yet vibey. Most of my other bikes the vibes are more linear in that at low RPM less transitioning to more.

On my N1K there appears to be resonant frequencies where it is like one big tuning fork at those RPMs and then goes back to being smooth for a while until you hit about 7K and from there on up to redline it progressively gets buzzier. Since I don't need to rev up there often, I don't have to deal with it and it works out to about 110 mph in 6th so to stay there long means likely going to jail unless on the track.

Still, niggles and all, the Ninja is a very good bike. It is an incredible value for what you get.
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Bar Weight

Hey DT.....have the new bar weights been mounted?
They just showed up but haven't had a chance to install them yet. Can't even ride at the moment as I cut my fingers on something and it turned into a nasty infection so bad I can't even grip a handlebar to rider or a tool to mount them. I am even down to one hand typing and had to take a car for my "commute" this week. Turned out better anyway as there was some unforecast rain.

The bar ends are definitely "hefty" though. I really can't wait to try them out.
Thanks. Last night I ended up peeling back some of the tissue on one finger and draining the Yamaha yellow pus. The pressure was so bad I couldn't sleep. I cleaned it out with alcohol and then added triple antibiotic cream and put a bandage over the area. Today the pressure is less and looks like finally the inflammation is receding.

My wife was pretty much at the point that I needed to go to the doctor and so was I to be honest. Today I am going in the right direction and can likely be riding in a few days. I was beginning to think it could have been like one of those Civil War wounds were you get grazed by a minie ball and gangrene sets in. :) I learned a long time ago while dirt bike riding in some pretty foul places (swamps for example) to take any cut seriously.
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