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Wyoming ride report

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2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a job site for the company I work for. It's a coal mine just north of Gillette, WY. From Omaha, I left on Sat., Aug. 1 and took 2 days to get there (about 750 miles with the route I took). I stopped in Custer, SD to visit a friend for a few hours Sunday and then got the **** out of there since it was Sturgis week and it was impossible to enjoy a ride in the middle of 700 gagillion Harleys.

I stayed in Gillette until Wed morning working and headed South on all back roads. The idea was to roam around southern Wyoming and then head into Colorado to visit my old stomping grounds. Southern Wyoming is fantastic. Colorado at this time of year is not fantastic. WAY too many tourists clogging up the roads and with construction going on all over the place, it was slow going everywhere.

The whole trip amounted to 4 1/2 days of riding totaling about 2100 miles. The bike was flawless (except for the stock tires. Had to replace them in Gillette).

I've got a bunch of pictures on my web site here.

Here's a teaser.

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Very cool... I'd like to see more ride reports like this. Thanks man!
Safe to say your average speed was way above average :)
Safe to say your average speed was way above average :)
yeah well..... :D
Great pics. Did you find the Ninja comfortable? I'm thinking a new seat would make a nice Christmas present.
It was very comfortable with my Seth Laam seat. I couldn't have done that trip at all with the crappy stock seat. The stock seat was unbearable just riding across town.
Just went thru your pics on your site. Yes, v nice ! Also would like to see more posts like this with trip pix. Good stuff !!
my home stomping grounds.i ride hwy.34 often and recognize where you were in most of your pics.
After a 2 week tour of Colorado last summer, my girlfriend and I are set this summer for a 2 week tour of Wyoming with a bit of South Dakota and Montana thrown in.

Can't wait.......
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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