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Wisconsin rides on the Ninja 1000

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ok let's kick the forum off. The Great Lakes are covered in thick ice which is very extensive in February 2014. The forecast is that this means a cold, spring.

I am getting my Kawa as the first bike in 4 years - since Central Washington State, and so I will be exploring. I am located 30 miles North of Milwaukee, so a long way from the good biking roads in Western Wisconsin; however, there looks to be some nice stuff to the North in the kettle moraine forest and south of Lake Mills.

I wish we had more rider info local to the mid west so we could compare dealer prices etc. I had to buy as Costco card so I could get somewhere near the 'true' price and there was more to be got ... Also when you call Costco - don't believe their statements as to your nearest participating dealer - they sent me WAY out of my area when there was a participating dealer round the corner....

anyway, that's the mid west KAWA 1000 forum started !
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Our daughter goes to school in Duluth. Plan to to my 13 N1K there this summer around July 4th and head up north towards the Canadian border. Will post some pics when I get back.
heading your way next weekend for the MotoAmerica race at Road America and some Brawts and Beer.
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