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Ran across this wheelie video....

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STW has a nice bike and lots of better than average youtube videos.

Probably a little different rider than most of us. Who like the occasional torque wheelie but not the hang it in the air like you don't care wheelies LOL.
Agreed GaryK... not too many of us probably strive to do hang it in the hair like you don't care wheelies but for those that might want to give it a shot, STW even has an instructional video... ;)

Wheelie Click Sound

When I wheelie I hear a Click and a temporary Thud feeling. KTRC (kawasaki Traction Control) is on with the first 2 and the last is with it off. All make the same noise and feeling. Anyone else experience that?


Video Link Above. Comment on Page if you can :eek:
Nice video max... :D Not sure about the click sound though I'm usually busy staining my undies when I wheelie.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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