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Well, I'm finally a part of the group. (2015 N1K)

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Well, after multiple weeks of waiting, I can now call myself an owner of a new 2015 N1K. Coming from the Ninja 500, I was a little scared to using this thing, because I didn't want to flip myself. The dealer set me on Low Power and KCTR Level 3, just to get used to it. I enjoyed the 40 mile ride home, and am amazed at how much more powerful it is, than what I was coming from. What also amazes me, is how powerful it is on reduced levels. I wondering how it's gonna be when I am comfortable enough to up the power level.

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Congrats man, won't be long and you'll be on full power, this bike is so rideable it's not even funny!
The power will become addictive :) Enjoy the new ride!!!
Yea, many of us are looking for MORE power ;-)
Congrats, and welcome to the fun! Coming from a cruiser, I kept mine on "Rain" mode for the first 1000 miles, just to get used to the power delivery. Not a bad idea!
It's always a function of your right wrist so learn the bike well. :D
Don't be intimidated by it's power, this bike is so user friendly. I have a N1K13 and don't have any power modes, so it was full on power for me from the get go and I am getting used to her, but I still give her respect, because I know a beast lives within her! At least you can get your feet down flat, I am just on the balls of my feet and that is with boots!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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