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Warm-Weather Boot Buyers Guide

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Shoes are the most common element on earth after carbon, so we’ve barely scratched the surface here of what’s available in warm-weather, vented moto street footwear. But we did attempt to hit all the major purveyors, almost all of which pack a plethora of different styles on their web pages, from high-top sneaker wannabes to serious adventure boots. Though the boots pictured are men’s, nearly all of them are available in women’s sizes too. It’s hard to be cool on your bike with sweaty dogs. Let’s get out there and shop for some coolness, people.
Read more about the Warm-Weather Boot Buyers Guide at Motorcycle.com.
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After de-booting after a hot 3 hours of riding & parking lot chatting the other day, I was dreaming of riding sandals. These look like they might be a good step forward. hahaha. :D

Anyone ever hear of full protection (for riding) dress shoes? For some roles I'm required to be in very dressy attire, and while Aerostitch makes their over-the-dress-clothes 'coveralls', a fellow is still going to have to pack dress shoes along.
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