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Two brothers juicebox

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Hey im trying to upgrade my exhaust to a vance and heince performance exhaust mostly because its smaller than the two brothers. But my question is i want to install the juicebox fuel management with the vance exhaust wondering if that would work?
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The two should work fine together....but, why th ejuicebox pro? It might make sense to get the Power Commander V instead. Its worth the extra hundred to not be the odd man out.

EVERYONE trades maps for the pcv, and those are often free. Also, tech support will be easier since so may peopel have them.

Its like trying to buy and sell in yen, when your holding dollars. Needlessly complicated. Unless you want to be the trendsetter. The adjustments you make with a screwdriver are worthless compared to what you can do on a laptop.

You wont want ten maps. You want one good one. It does say they use powercommander maps, so maybe its no big deal, bit it might be a problem
Ok thnx after talking to a few people i'm going with the power commander ill keep posted as i go along
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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