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Turn signal relay

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Can anyone tell me where the turn signal relay sits? I assume it is under the front seat but where more specifically? I installed the fender kit and a programmable rear tail LED light/signal unit. I have the fast blink issue and I have a new relay to fix it but I am just not sure where the original relay resides. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Really, nobody on here knows where the turn signal relay is on the 2012-2013 N1K? Come on, help a brother out please!
I think it's mounted close to the horn. I've got an e-manual and it's a bit difficult to accurately say where it is located, other than the fact it's shown and identified in the same photo as the horn. If I was to guess from the orientation of the photo I'd say it was on the right hand side (facing forward) behind the front fairing. I hope this helps.
I did some digging on that same e-manual a few days ago and that is my conclusion as well. I guess it will require getting under the forward part of the right fairing. Thanks for the help. You certainly made me feel more comfortable about my conclusion on the location. Thanks again.

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No worries! I found it as I am looking to upgrade the horn on my bike due to [email protected] performance of the standard one and the [email protected] driving performance of local drivers here! Glad I could help in some small way.

That's because there are a lot of [email protected] drivers in these parts!

I have the same fast blink problem. where did you get the Relay to replace the old one please.
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