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I bought a bike with low miles for very cheap however it was slid pretty good. I looked it over and I need quite a few cosmetic things. I need the cluster gauge, windshield, all fairings. pillion, radiator, headlights and the fuel tank. I basically need the bracket bolted to the forks, unbolted and need everything forward of it. I have my original bracket and held on to it given the prices I've seen so far. I need the clutch cover as it was the side it slide on abrading a hole in the side of the cover.

I also need help with pictures. There were some modifications by tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. I have loose wire connections unsure where they go, maybe one or two of those. I have brake lines that should go somewhere right near what appears to be the rear brake cylinder but i cant find nothing. Theres a bolt and bracket directly across it on the left side that appears to have held some other mechanism. Ill post in another forum about that.

i need the exhaust. I plan on ordering custom brake and clutch handles, windshield, maybe find a headlight conversion. The bike runs flawlessly, I need the cover so i can fill the clutch assembly and see if it drives as it should or if I need to rebuild it. I am a decent car mechanic and even if this has internal issues I find it an exciting hobby to look forward too.

If you have any piece, even one piece of anything for sale, please let me know. I dont know what years my panel coevers, its my first bike
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