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Torque Link Bushing?

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It appears there is a bushing or sleeve/spacer that fits into the axle hole of the rear brake and torque link that is not shown on the exploded view of the manual. It fell free on its own when I removed the wheel for a tire change. Anyone know what it is or which direction it goes back in? most of the time these things go fat-side-out like the wheel spacers. It looks like a spacer, but larger.

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I believe the part I'm asking about is part of that rear brake view. Part 92152. It looks a lot like part 92027 which is the axle nut in the rear wheel/chain view.

As I studied the wheel removal guide I literally never saw it coming as it clanked on the shop floor upon wheel removal. Hate when that happens.

Forum to the rescue. I had forgotten to check the online fische views. Great resource, thanks a ton for sharing.

Balance and assembly time.
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