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torq specs

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hello i am wondering what the torqe specs are for the header bolts as i think there too loose because of the break in and it says in the manual to roq to spec after break in im waiting on a manual i ordered online but for now thats my question thanks guys
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I have the factory manual at home. Will try to remember to look up the torque specs.
I didn't make it home for lunch. I have a 2013 manual at work, and interestingly, it just says to tighten the "exhaust pipe Holder nuts" but does not give a torque figure.
I believe it's 12 ft-lb or 17 Nm. You will find these nuts are going to be loose after the break-in. This is normal so just tighten them as part of the service.

Also check all bolts at this time to be sure there isn't a loose one from the factory. I had a grab-bar bolt loose when my bike was new.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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