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Top 10 Places To Ride In North America

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Most of these I’ve traversed, but I attempted to avoid personal bias by including a few I’d like to add to my personal list of best roads ridden. So much exists out there to ride a top 10 list doesn’t do justice, nay, not even a top 100 list would begin to scratch the amount of asphalt deemed epic by motorcycle standards. These are but 10 of the best known stretches; the roads that every motorcyclist should at least ride a few of in his or her lifetime.

Often, the best roads to ride are the hidden gems you stumble across by chance, during an episode of losing your way from the road more travelled, only to be lost to romantic memory upon an attempt to relocate said road. A few times I’ve attempted to retrace an unplanned detour of riding excellence only to find it’s seemingly vanished like some version of moto-Brigadoon.
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I've ridden many of those places, here's what I think:


Not for sporting. Too much enforcement, low speed limits, lots of tourists, and lots of places for cars to pull out in front of you. After 50 miles it all looks the same. However, I will admit that most of the roads leading to/from the BRP are awesome!

The Grand Staircase:

This really is a great road. Great vista's, not much traffic or enforcement. Lots of passing places, plenty of curves (some tight, most sweepers) and really awesome scenery. I particularly like the Devils Backbone, and am looking forward to returning soon.

The Dragon/Tail Of The Dragon:

Great place to ride .. in the fall or early spring on a weekday morning, when there aren't leaves on the trees (so corners aren't as blind). Too much traffic on weekends or sunny afternoons. There are better roads in the area though, with much less traffic and enforcement.

Beartooth Highway:

The most scenic highway I have been on in North America. From Red Lodge, it has a couple awesome corners climbing to the summit, and then the views take over. Link it up with Chief Joseph Highway before entering Cody. Mornings are best despite the chill, simply due to a lack of tourists; afternoon expect thunderstorms (we've hit snow and hail in August).

Pacific Coast Highway:

Yep, scenic, nice curves etc. But like the article says, too many tourists in the summer.

In my opinion, they left out the best roads in the country: In northern California, the area between Hwy 36 and Hwy 199. Great roads, most traffic stays on 299 where there are lots of passing lanes, the scenery is outstanding.

Honorable mentions:

Hwy 30 in the Columbia River Gorge. Lolo Pass (Hwy 12 in Idaho). The roads around Mt Rainier and Mt St. Helens (whenever WA gets around to fixing them). Monument Road around Colorado National Monument. Hwy 92 in Colorado. Old Smoke Hole Road in WV.

I write this as I look out at the snow. Granted, we are having a 39F heat wave here in MN today ... but it will be another two months until we have a reasonable chance of getting the bikes out. sigh.
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