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Thinkn of pulling trigger,saw an older one today

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2011 or 12. Not sure . Always liked this bike so thinkn about it.
I like to mod and do track days. I know its not a track hard riding vessel,but id set it up for fun.
I have an 05 zx10 thats a blast but im 3 wks out from knee replacement w lots of down time to think. When did these start ?

I figure dump the 10 w track clothes and spare wheels,pay off some lingering old debt and pick one of these up w a small pmt. I had an 03 zrx for yrs and got the track bug. Parted her out and got the widowmaker.
anyway .
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Sounds like a great idea! Hope your knee heals up quick so you can get out and ride... welcome to the forum lau
The current generation started in 2011. 1st generation 11-13. 2nd generation 14-15, who knows what 2016 will be.
Hope your knee heals quickly & completely. Your bike change plan sounds very solid. Good luck.
Keep the zx for track days. Steal a used Ninja for everything else!

When I say 'steal' there have been threads about incredible deals on the n1k.

I think there is something special about buying one brand new. But the the sub 7K deals people are getting is just plain awesome!
If you can pull it off, I'd keep the ZX for the track. I'm a bit of a track junkie myself, but can't see the N1k as a decent track mount.
I will probably will track mine in 2015. I think the track is a great way to shake off the winter time rust. But I don't think I will need to put the pucks in my leathers with these oem tires. Just going to plop my butt in the novice group, have a big gulp of humility and have fun.

The bike is fun in the twisties because it turns in nice, but track limits are way beyond what you can do on the street and I think carrying 500lbs around may make it difficult. Of course if you are Marc Marquez then you could probably tear up people on a harley (or an n1k) :)
I am 6 weeks out of a knee replacement and was able to get on my bike and sit on for a while today. I hope a couple more weeks and I can go for a ride.
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Go For a ride

Good luck with the healing. Which knee, and did you change the pegs heights yet?
Right knee and I put on the Motowerks pegs. First thing i did to the bike.
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