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Tantalus Hawaii

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Tantalus Run @

Roundtop Drive Oahu, Hi Sept 6th 2015
Slow and steady :rolleyes:
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Love the smells on Tantalus, you can smell the guava & passion fruit trees.

Don't stop in Papakolea to long, they will strip your bike down =*)
LOL Max.. all I see is you! you need to turn that thing around!

I am really digging the music though :)
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Its a different View. Cant wait till I get multiple Go Pro's
Until then, here's a forward view on my 2008 ZX6R
on a place called Guava Road (Waimanalo/Kaneohe Hawaii)
@ 1:30 you will see the idiot who passes me go in the grass.
Good recovery, But wow, people need to learn their limits
and stay away from that limit. Luckily No harm, No Foul.
Wow this is a older video of mines. On My You tube page are several
Forward facing videos.Enjoy


Some more ... From Sept 9th 2015.... Today
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That's what I am talking about! Great Job Max!
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