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Tank Protector

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Looking for advice on a good tank protector. On my previous bikes I used the Targa 1/2 tank protector but they do not make one for the Ninja 1000. Not a big fan of most of the decals I have seen. Techspecs make a very hardy protector but a bit overwhelming. Does anyone have any experience with the tank protector from Geelong Carbon Craft?
Ninja 1000 ABS Sports Model 2011-2014 Large Wrap Around Tank Pad - Geelong Carbon Craft

Whatever advice/suggestions provided is appreciated!:cool:
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Can't help you here on this one.

But, will ask the question and not meaning to be disrepectful whatsoever but why is there a need for a tank protector ??

i can see IF you had a big rodeo-type belt buckle maybe a need. Does/will your tank get that scratched up ?

I guess if in time some minor scratches develop and you're thinking of re-sale, then I can see maybe a tank protector being warranted to help hide any abrasions, etc.

Just wondering.
Jackets have zippers, zippers can and will scratch your tank.
I really like the Snakeskin protectors from techspec. I've used them on many of my bikes. I typically buy the universal fit.
TechSpec Snake Skin Center Tank Pad - RevZilla
Not sure which bike that fits, but it looks close to what you need for the Ninja.
Also, they do have a kit of pre-cut snakeskins for the Ninja1000, check out the techspec website...
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I've used Geelong's carbon tank protector on a Yamaha FZ1 with great satisfaction. Fir & finish were excellent IMHO.
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I've got one on my bike right now. I've also had one on my previous 2013 Concours and had one on my previous 2006 Sprint ST. The one on the Sprint lasted 7 1/2 years before I wrecked the bike and it looked good as new the entire time I had it on. The folks at Geelong are great people and will respond pretty quickly to e-mails. Take a look at my gallery. I'm sure I have at least a couple pics of it on my bike.
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As another member indicated, jackets and zippers etc tend to scratch the tank. I'm picky that way.
Thanks. Any issues with installation?
I have used the Techspec product on my bike. Great protection but not sure I like the look as I cut the shape myself. Still investigating....thanks!
I sent you a PM but the install was pretty easy. I put it on the bike first without exposing the double sided tape and then used masking tape to mark the position where it wanted it. I also taped it to the tank at the top/front by the gas cap and used that as a hinge. Then, when I exposed the double-sided tape, it swiveled right back down where I wanted it. You want to get it right the first time because taking it back off is a ***** without damaging the carbon fiber.
You know, now after I've completed my break-in, I've found myself tucked in behind my windscreen a little more on open highways (ahem) which I'm leaving behind, now, some zipper marks.

May have to look into one of these tank protectors now.
Chortle! You know if we lived in southern climes this probably isn't an issue but we live in Canada, jackets are a part of life!
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