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Tail Bag

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Does anyone use a tail bag or have a recommendation?

I liked the kawi tail bag but it seems small and limiting. The Ogio seems to be the right size and gets great reviews.
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I'm in the same boat. I want to get the Kawi tail bag but am having a hard time seeing any good reviews any where. I have the Ogio mini tank bag and it is great so I thought about matching with ogio. So you and I are in the same boat. Not sure which to get.

i'm pretty happy with my moto-centric tail and magnetic tank bag
I actually have the same Ogio tail bag from my old bike and went to put it on my new N1K and I feel it's too big for it. It hangs over. I bought the Kawi one instead. I'll take a pic of both so you can see the difference.
The Ogio bag is bigger and longer


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Hey thanks George! Do you leave the Kawi on when you go inside somewhere? My tank bag is scratching the crap out of my tank. I need to get it off there. However I do carry a GPS, my wallet, and iPhone in my tank bag and would want those in my tail bag now. So do you lock yours up if valuables are in it or does it come off easy enough?
I leave the bag on but I put my valuables in my side cases. It's made that you can only get it off when you pop the back seat. It has a lip that slides over the back part of the seat and 2 velcro straps that secure it. I don't think anyone could rip the bag off BUT I'm sure they can open it no problem. It takes 10 seconds to take the bag off so I would carry it with you if you couldn't lock up your valuables. I really like the bag though. It looks really good on the bike. Don't know how weatherproof it is yet though.
I have the Kawa tailbag and like it a lot. It works fine for me. It also expands to pack more crap into it...
I have a Ventura Imola.
Imola - motorcycle luggage - Ventura - Ventura

I use it every day, I clip it on and off multiple times at home and work etc. It's the perfect size for me to carry my phone, wallet lunch and bits and pieces to work and can be expended to carry a helmet if required.

At first I thought it was low quality and I didn't think it would last long but it has actually been great. I got caught in a REALLY bad storm (the worst weather I've ever ridden in) and while I was absolutely soaked by the time I got home, the bag kept the contents totally dry. I was amazed.

The trick is routing the tie straps so you don't rub paint though and I've got that sorted out by using the pillion handles. The only criticism I have is it needs 2 or 3 internal pockets for keys, phone etc. It only has one small pocket for keys.
The Ogio bag is bigger and longer
That tells the story. Thank you. I thought the kawi looked and fit better but the ogio had more capacity.
Ordered my Kawi tail bag yesterday. I'll let you guys know how it looks and works.
I use the N1K for a 100 mile round trip work commute (and local rides), so I opted for the top rack. I like having a locking case as I street park and it also keeps the bike narrow for lane splitting. For over-nighters and longer trips, I ride a 2011 Concours. The 39L case fits both bikes. I like the N1K side cases and figured if I used it for multi-day trips I'd eventually sell the C14 (but probably won't as it's a sweet bike) If I need to go overnight on the N1K, I'll just strap an overnight bag to the pass seat or get soft side-cases. I may swap out one for a Versys 1000 in a year or 2 if it turns out to be a winner, though. (and the color scheme works.
The kawasaki bag is just too small, for me. It looks cool, bit wont hold as much as my mini tank bag.
The kawasaki bag is just too small, for me. It looks cool, bit wont hold as much as my mini tank bag.
What would prevent you from using both?
What would prevent you from using both?
NOTHING! Thats what I do...I also have .a givi tail trunk (scooter size) and I mounted it to a spare passenger seat.

For a tankbag, I use a magnetic one. The Joe Rocket Manta xl. I also have a Manta, but the xl version is better. Only slightly larger, but a bit more capacity.

When I first bought it, I used it occasionally....Then, you get to where you cant live without it. If you worry about theft, its easy to pull it off the bag and bring it in the store.

I carried a watermelon and a gallon of milk the other day. Its also carried human ashes....

It works on all bikes with metal tanks. If your worried about scratches, drop some paint protection film down on the tank before using it.

Oraguard is good. 3m scotchguard is good. Cheap on ebay.

I use it 10 times for everytime I use the rear bag.
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This is from the "kawi tank bag review" thread.

rapid transit recon 19

The kawi tail bag does look better and fit within the bike's profile but it doesn't have the capacity of others. If you need more than just a tank bag why not use the kawi tail bag in addition? Some people don't like swinging a leg over a tail bag if they don't have to. Some don't like a tank bag in their space up front or they don't like magnets. For short commutes that don't demand full capacity storage, it's either tank or tail, one or the other, but not both.
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