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Switching from Triumph

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Hello all!

I've been riding off and on (mostly off) for about 20 years. I was wanting to get into touring and so, I was originally debating between the Trophy and the Concours, but ended up with the Trophy. A recent wrist injury makes the bike way too heavy (720+ lbs) now.

So, I started looking for something below the Concours/Trophy level.

I am a huge fan of the Ninja and had purchased a Ninja 650 for in-town riding when I would use the Trophy for my long-distance rides. So, the 650 naturally led me to the Ninja 1000 as the alternative.

I have a line on a 2013 White Ninja 1000, but I am not sure if I will get that, or one of the 2014 models. It sounded like the 2013 might have been a demo bike, so it may have quite a few miles on it and, while the price is roughly $4k less, it may still be a bit overpriced, depending on condition.

Anyway, I'll be lurking here for a while... Probably ask a few questions here and there.

See you 'round!
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You can lurk or stalk or voyeur or watch or contribute or inquire.

Passed thru Fargo for 5 summers, 90-94 on my way to Devil's Lake, ND. Army Reserve attached to the Engineer School @ Camp Grafton. Best duty I had in all my years. Oh yeah, welcome :D
Welcome! Not sure if you have seen the quick detach hardbags keyed to your ignition key yet or not, but for me, they are the bomb! That pushed me to the 2014! I negotiated a very good deal on them, installed/key for almost $400 less than retail as part of my original purchase of the bike. Kawasaki folks seem to think they are too expensive - Ha! Not compared to Harley or Other touring high end bags. You can fit a full face helmet in them too! The quick detach is super convenient. 2013 or 2014 - sweet ride either way! Best wishes - TroyDBA
Well.. I purchased the 2014 in green. Drove to Minneapolis and back to pick it up.

Just plopped down some money on the hardbags.

Due to bad weather, I have only rode it for about 45 minutes total, so far. I already know I am going to love this bike.
Did you keep the Trophy? Thats such a beautiful bike, in person. I kick myself for not demoing it when I could have.
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