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Suzi GSX1000 dyno numbers

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Dang it. I just saw a Superbike magazine review of a team doing some tuning on the new suzi. I just quickly looked at the dyno graphs and well.. its a bit disappointing to own the kawi at the moment. I saw 2 dynojet runs one at 148wHP and one at 152 wHP. Our bikes are like 140 at the engine...and closer to 130whp... that means the new suzi is lighter and has about 20 more hp and basically the same ergos as we have. crap :/

I have a 14 with Ivans I am still probably at what ? pretty sure its not 152 :/

They put a header on the suzi and they might 160whp out of it :(
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How did the torque numbers compare ? I rarely spend that much time at peak HP on my Ivanized 2013.
Suzuki GSX-S1000 F Power Commander | Superbike Magazine

80ft/lbs looks like it might be at higher rpm than us. But that's a stout amount of tq. Maybe someone has a n1k graph they can overlay... that shows stock so we can compare dyno to dyno

i do not have the intestinal fortitude to use all the horsepower of my 2013 Ninja that has the Ivan package. I have a 78 gs1000 and a 1980 gs1100 so I do like Suzuki's. That being said I think the Ninja looks better and is fast enough to make me grin like a half wit when I get into the throttle. The Suzuki is probably nice but I love my Ninja.
I think those numbers might be bogus. I thought I read they were only about 145 at the crank. While I am a big Suzuki fan as well as Kawi, I'd still take the Ninja over the GSX. There isn't a huge weight difference and I think the Ninja looks better as well.
While I would like more power, I'm not making use of what I have.

Not to mention, the GSX1000 is going to have a higher price tag than what I paid for what I already have. :p

Maybe in the future. You know. 30,000 miles from now.
Yeah I am never happy... and I am too **** old for another super bike... the numbers on that dyno are close to gsxr numbers than gsxf advertised numbers. The fairing bike was to be 470lbs which is about 35lbs or so lighter, if it has 15-20 more hp.. that's going to be a pretty quick bike. Its the off season here (well for me, I need new tires and it would be bad to run them cold when they hardly work hot). So I will be calling Ivan for the akro header to bring up those numbers a bit :).
One thing for me that is a deal breaker is the lack of bags. I wanted something I could tour with I have to say, other than the size of the bag, I like the factory ones more than I thought I would. They work quite well and aren't as finicky to remove as some other factory bags I've had.

I am also in at the right price as well so that is a big plus in the N1K's favor. OTOH it will be interesting to see how much the insurance is on the GSX. Right now the N1K is the most expensive bike on my policy by far.

As for extra HP, if wanted an incredible power/weight ratio I would have bought another S1000RR. Still I wouldn't mind keeping the HP the Kawi has at high altitudes so a low pressure turbo kit could be fun.

One other thing that matters for me is the fuel tank size. The extra half gallon means I have more flexibility when on a trip when to refuel. I still would like another half gallon or more.

Anyway I can't wait to see the matchup of these 2 in a road test. Kawi got a lot of things right in this bike other than the name. I really wished they would have called it something else. I am sure it would save me a lot of money in insurance of the time I'll have the bike...
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On the bright side it has a name... instead of some endless string of letters :)
The suzuki engine is based on one of the best 1000cc engines ever made. The gsxr k5 and k 6 are some of the best and would make 165hp any day of the week. Its a great engine and one that ill be remembered.

Still, pick some comparison points as compared to ivans ninja 1000 chart

Look at 6000rpm

Ivans ninja is about 10hp stronger. The torque figure is also +10

The ivanized ninja holds a decent advantage , down low, and almost matches it up top (147 -152)

Theres no doubt Id consider one if i was in t he market, but its engine wont hold a candle to ours unless you love high revs.

The 20lbs lighter would be great, but we pretty much did that with an exhaust change.

Its still has junk suspension.
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I just got the most recent Sport Rider mag where they compared the Ninja and GSXF. Their numbers show the Ninja at 510 lbs. wet vs GSXF 475 lbs. wet. $1k difference in price (GSXF). Ninja 123 hp vs GSXF 137 hp. Torque Ninja [email protected] rpm vs [email protected] rpm. Compression ratios are 11.8:1 Ninja vs 12.2:1 GSXF. Sport Rider really kissed up to Suzuki. Suprising after how they loved the Ninja only a year ago. What I wanted clarified was the 35 lb. weight difference if that included luggage? And, I don't see whether or nor Suzuki has luggage? I love my color matching luggage! And the entire bike for that matter. The days of me jumping ship over reviews are gone. I didn't buy this bike to do quarter miles or race the formula 40 class. Just reading the reviews.
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Maybe there was a time in my life that I would have worried about an extra 10hp but not any more when the bike already has a very good power to weight ratio. I'll take my peak torque at almost 2k lower rpm. I could trade off that torque @ lower rpm and go for more hp but at a higher RPM. Won't help my day to day riding but it might impress more people that I don't really care about.

Having said that, I am not married to the N1K nor do I have any major regrets. If I were come into the market right now, would I still buy the N1K knowing what I know now about the Suzi? YES!

For me the nicely integrated bags are a BIG plus. Worth more to me than another 10hp. Besides I can get some of that back with an Ivan's reflash. What I would like is for the N1K to be a bit lighter, that is what I appreciate most about the Suzi. Then again, I could likely lose 30lbs anyway. :)

One last thing, the 1/2 gallon bigger tank is just enough more to reduce my fuel stops on my trip. That means a lot to me. It was an issue that I had on another bike. With the N1K I can consistently get 180 miles out of it on the highway before filling up and have a bit of a reserve just in case. Wouldn't happen with the Suzi.

If I really thought it was a vastly superior bike for my needs I'd buy one tomorrow. I don't see that to be the case though. I'd like to take one for a ride someday but in no hurry now. In a year or 2 there will likely be something better than it anyway.
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Ivan takes care of that hp difference, and adds way more down low than the Suzuki has.

Oh, also worth noting is that the Suzuki has made it up to supersport standards of 2005. Is that something to be proud of?

Thats a lot like winning the 100yd dash in the special olympics. Yes, you get a gold metal, but your time of 2 hrs and 27 minutes is not especially worth bragging about.

If you like the bike you have, the existence of another machine does matter, does it?
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Considering a good running 600cc supersport could smoke the Ninja and Suzi in the 1/4 mile, does it really matter?

I didn't buy this to be a drag bike anyway. I like being able to roll on the throttle at any speed, any gear, and watch pretty much everyone recede in my rearview mirrors. No muss, no fuss, just instant-on torque.
The more I ride, the more I want to invest in Ivan's tune.

But I can't decide on exhaust and other goodies though. And if I am going to get a tune, I'd rather have those goodies ready to go first.
I'll be honest about ivans stuff. Dont worry about the exhaust. Is more hp, right at the top and..whatever...

The low end response is stunning, and its the reason to let him do his thing. The bike feels finished..I dont know...just how it should be. Id add the exhaust later.
I saw that article in Sport Rider... this is the first time the Ninja has lost in a comparo since it was introduced in 2011. I gotta agree with East Bay that Sport Rider really kissed up to Suzuki and it's obvious why since Suzuki is taking out huge two-page color ads in all the moto rags for the GSX right now.

That being said, Sport Rider favored the GSX over the Ninja in handling but the Kawi had those shitty *** Bridgestone 190/50s. I'm guessing the Ninja is at least as good or better with a set of PR4s, Angel GTs or Dunlop Q3 190/55s.

Also the GSX doesn't have bags or the range of the Ninja so it won't be nearly as useful for touring.

I saw the GSX in a showroom a couple weeks ago and I just couldn't get myself to be excited about it. It just looks weird to me.
The tire issue ruins every comparison you read, and not just for this bike.

European machines come with real tires. Japanese are oem versions of good tires and god only knows what the bike will feel like.

I know they cant modify every bike they test. Still, when your testing a bike with substandard tires, it changes the results dramatically.

I get it if it were an exhaust system. Tires? The stock tires will be worn out by the time you make six payments on the bike, if not earlier.

So, would it make it better than the suzuki? Probably not, and who cares, but it would be an accurate representation of what we ride.
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The tire issue ruins every comparison you read, and not just for this bike.

Run the bikes with the stockers, then swap out for some real tires that are matching compounds/fitments for each bike. :p

Honestly though, I've noticed much the same. I have a little left in the stock rubbers I bought on my bike (re: got the bike at 1400mi, upwards of 3400 now). I can't wait to swap them, but the budget freak in me wont do so till they are done.

Granted, they are not helped because the chicken strips are such dramatic drop offs. Creates a hilarious turn-in.
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I put my bike away early this year because of these sh!tty stock tires.... first ride in the spring is to get new rubber!!!
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