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Hello everyone.
2021 N1K with 13K on the clock.
After a high speed run when returning to a cruising speed it acts like I've closed the throttle and will not maintain a steady cruising state.
If I give it wide open throttle it jerks back to life and cuts out again when not on the gas hard.
Clears up after a couple minutes and pretty much only happens after I really wring it out.
Doesn't matter what gear I'm in once its acting up. It's triggered by wide open 5th and 6th gear runs.
Runs great under full throttle for extended amounts of time.
I had an exhaust leak near the o2 sensor that I corrected with an Akrapovik header and muffler.
Did not change O2 sensor.
Installed new plugs and air filter.
No codes, no CEL.
Does it in all riding modes even with traction control disabled in rider mode.
Did it with fuel fill open.
Didn't check kill switch or kickstand switch yet.
Going through manual and want to check fuel pump, fuel filter and researching deleting the air switching valve so the O2 has a more accurate reading.
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