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Any advice for new owner .?
I jumpl last week from 650r.
Thank you
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Welcome, my advice is take your time & learn your new ride. Quite a difference in power between a 650 twin & 4 cyl 1000. What year/color did you get?
Have fun, but be safe.
Where are you located? If anywhere in the eastern half of the U.S., be sure to ride the Blue Ride Parkway and Deals Gap - but only once you are truly comfortable on your new bike. Great rides.
to be specific

I got 2012 green and black . Is it true, that the spools are getting hot because of they are to close to the pipes? If yes than which one should I buy?
My name is Marek and I am from Connecticut. Greetings to all!
Totally different and powerful bike! I will take the extra time to learn how to control the beast (hahaahaha).
I've nto heard of an issue with the spools getting too hot...possible, I suppose. The issue is their being too large and hitting the pipes when the suspension compresses.
hey welcome one of my early rides was an 07 er6n I love it and the ninja 1k has a bit more power and its a bit heavier but a great bike and very easy to get comfortable with just be careful hitting the throttle remember its not the 650 :)
So I figured the best route is to install the spools when you need them and remove when done. They only have to be hand tight. It's not like you're gonna take your stands with you so you won't need the spools on there full time. I think this will be my permanent solution.

I did my first oil change yesterday and I took my convertible Pit Bull stand and flipped the boss over for spoolless operation. I put the roundy part forward of the boss for the spools. You have to kind of feed it in the brake caliper side and be careful not to pinch the brake line but this worked very well.

I'll post pictures if my description makes no sense...which is a good possibility. I'mma shift worker and I just flipped over to the night shift so I'm quite sleep deprived.
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