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Spool base came off.

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OK something very weird happened Today to me. Looks like some one trying to steal my spools broke the spool base.

How can i fix this ? Is this swim arm alluminun ? For be honest i dont know how this happened.

I will appreciate any help.


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What happened was you hit a bump hard enough to collapse the rear suspension enough to make hard contact between the exhaust and your spool. It can be welded though Al welding is an art so make sure and get a good experienced welder.

To prevent future occurances use short bobbins or take them out when you aren't using them.
A better picture.

It make sense what do you say if is bent to the upside. but has been bent down.


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You can see in the 2nd picture where the spool dented the muffler.
The muffler definitely bent that down. It's best with the stock exhaust to remove the spools when riding.

I have a couple of T-Rex spools on and have never had a problem with the stock exhaust...that must have been a deep hole or a tall speed bump or sumpin...
Thank you all for the info. I went to the dealer today and they will try to pass this by warranty. The bike is supposed to be design for 2 passangers and this is not supposed to be happening. Wish me luck. Also they will replace the ignition switch becase is very hard to turn the key.
You wont get warranty. Its not a defect Its too bad we always hear of this after the fact. I dont believe any ninja 100 forum has not had its warnings for this issue.

As mentioned, the spool hit the underside of the muffler. The muffler basically tried to chop off the spool, and almost did.

They've seen plenty of cases where this same thing happened.

You can go back to the dealer again, or google "ninja 1000 swingarm damage"

Unless Kawasaki sold you "speedmetal brand" spools, its on you. You might complain to cycle gear, but I dont think it will go far. Mini spools only for this bike.
Thanks for the info. I will give the shot.
I just looked at my spools, there fine but the left side does not have the clearance the right side does, i will removed them and ordered shorter ones.
I'm running the Keiti Swingarm Spool - 10mm - Mini - Black BB210K spools. I got them via amazon but they are all over the place...

They are mini, and clear the exhaust on our 2k12 n1k.


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