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some stoppies and wheelies

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Looks like he's a fantastic rider and he appears to be doing this in a safe location, but why would someone risk crashing their bike? I work too hard for my toys. I would never try that stuff. But I'll be glad to watch someone else destroy their bike.
I'm not much for wheelies/stoppies, like west coast I don't wanna smash my shiny things. The guy can definitely handle a bike, though I think it'd look cooler if N1K had sidecases :cool:.
Hmmm. I fail to see either traction control or ABS working. LOL:D
The engine is not design for a wheelie position. The conector Rods will wont have adecuated oil lubrication. The engine suffer. I agree i will wont do that to my bike.


Do I understand you right....that doing some wheelies on the Ninja is bad for the engine? I break ground about 12" high or less occasionally.......
No Concern here sorry. Im in no way learning to wheelie. That with this machine would be consequential and yes you may damage your sexi beast. I however learned long ago on past bikes, so there is no real danger. Just my situation and opinion and the reason I posted the link in the first place. If your scared...... Go to Church. Joke!! Have fun and be safe.

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