Hello,I've now sold my Kwak z1000sx 2017 model, I have for sale the following items.
Sergeant rider seat with genuine "cool cover" fitted , I tried a Kawasaki comfort seat from a mates bike ,in my opinion it was nearly as bad as standard one .The Sargent seat is wonderful and I've ridden for hours with no numb bum or sliding about when braking etc,it's mint and has done 3k miles from new ,it fits with seat cowl on .price is £ 235 posted to uk only I will not haggle sorry.
Also moto cnc bar risers they can be fitted in ten minutes and cables etc don't need extending £32 posted to uk only.
Lastly a Scot oiler electronic system ,I love these they are £ 199 new ,,I am selling it for £135 posted ,this is the electronic which just goes onto battery terminals ,no messing with vacuum etc, no oil dispensed while stopped with engine running .
I had it set to dispense oil above 30mph ..again no haggling .
I live in Rawtenstall Lancs .Thanks for looking and keep safe.Tommy