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I'm one that can't past the looks of a RDL on a sporty bike. No doubt the comfort of it is legendary and beyond reproach. On a full-on touring bike, like a Goldwing, the "wings" won't look at all out of place, but on even the biggest sport touring rigs, it just looks "wrong". For me, most big sport tourers' stock seats work well enough for all-day riding. The K1600GT's stock seat and the GTL-Exclusive take-off I bought are all-day-comfortable. So was the Trophy SE's stock seat. The C14 stock seat sucked, but the Kawi low gel seat was wide and supportive... and looked great (even mounted on ZX14R).

As for N1k, the '18 stock seat is pretty atrocious. Both the Sargent and Corbin I got elevate the bike to all-day-tolerable status, which for me is plenty good enough for this style bike.

But... the only butt (and eyes) the seat has to please is the rider that bought it. That certainly seems like the case here.
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