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Restrictor plate

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Does any one here no if this bike comes out of the factory with a restrictor plate & if so, how to remove it ?. I heard that there is a plate & that there is 10hp to gain with it removed. but i dont no. thx.
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There is no restrictor plate. Someone is messing with you.
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There is no plate. In modern bikes its all in the ecu.

Now, you could say this bike is not restricted, and that is true..pretty much. That would be saying they are all sold in this specific tune. I THINK Japan, oddly enough, has an emissions limit and they have to restrict horsepower to achieve that.

But, yes, your bike, and all z 1000/Ninja 1000's are seriously restricted down low. If you look at Ivans dyno charts before and after reflashing, you will see it.

If there was a 2-3 hp gain, you might say the factory made a mistake, or missed something. When its 15-20, or more, it was on purpose.

Look at the first dyno chart between 3000-6000 rpm.

Ivan's Performance Products

Also worth lookign at is that gain is pretty much the same if running a stock exhaust.

Kawasaki did it by keeping the secondary butterflies closed, and timing changes. Very tough to fix without Ivans help.
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