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Reduced power at high speed, around 200km/h

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Hi all,

First, I have a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 2012, 7000km, all parts are stock, no modification.

I would like a confirmation for my hypothesis. Here it is :

I notice a reduction of power at around 200km/h (120m/h). I can feel it. I drop my speed down to 180km/h than push full throttle again and I feel the lost of power again around 200km/h.

I made a race with my cousin (he have a VFR800). At around 140km/h we start a race and I pass in front of him with ease. We try again at around 200km/h and he have the same acceleration than me. I was like... WHAT THE **** :O

I am almost convinced that Kawasaki introduce with the electronic control, a feature that reduce the power at higher speed than 200km/h. I have no Dino test and the one I found are done regarding the revolution, but certainly at 4th gear or less, which mean at lower speed. I would like to know if anyone have notice the same reduction of power at 200km/h to know if it is only my bike ? and I am wandering if someone have something measured (dino) at high speed ?
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Nope, mine pulls hard all the way up.
Haven't gotten up to 120 mph yet. But that seems like a low speed for any kind of speed limiter.
I had a similar problem which turned out to be the fuel pump. It was replaced under warranty. Have it checked out at the dealer.
Just had a similiar situation and had my fuel pump replaced and shes good as new. There was some fine sand blast like material in the tank and it got plugged up. Kawasaki jumped all over this and fixed it well under warranty and the beast is back!!
I ran mine 145 mph yesterday on 6th for a brief moment. I was tucked too. it was pulling.
I've had my 2k12 N1k to 144 mph (231 kph) indicated once.. It got there much faster than I expected and it was still pulling when I noticed the speed (it just pulled strong all the way to that speed). Of course, I have no real way of measuring things.. just that it didn't feel like it slowed down the entire time it was accelerating.

I was pleasantly surprised that my 2 week old (to me), < 6000 mile bike with a top case could actually reach that speed..

Of course, since then, I've seen the "warning" label in the top case.. 13 lbs max, and 80mph max.. go over that max speed every day on my commute for work..

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