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Rear Shock Absorber

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Looking through the owner's manual, I have additional questions about rear shock absorber settings.

What is the difference between spring preload and rebound damping force?
What are common settings for both? Are they considerations for load, road, speed and personal preference? Do different height and weight riders have preferences?
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Tony, the ride height is pretty much one setting.....well, it snot that easy, but....

When you sit on the bike, you want the back end to sag...X amount....Lets call it 25 to 35mm with you sitting, feet on the pegs. So, the exact preload setting will be different if you weigh 260 and I weigh 160....

The rebound damping? In our above scenario, you'll need more than I will...

Also, if riding with a passenger, that new adjuster will come in handy to add more spring preload to account for the weight...you still want that 35 mm sag measurement...Rather than me missing steps....

Heres a better way..this video really works....Your bike will handle better if you take the time to follow what they say. Its pretty easy....Really...nothign like adding crashbars...

Tony, do the forks, too. You have plenty of adjustment to work with.

If you get the sag correct, everything else will fall into play.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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