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rear set risers

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hey everyone,

i got a 14 N1K and since i have broken in the motor, i have been able to open her up a bit more.
here is my issue, on hard corners i am starting to drag my toes. so does anyone know if there are ant rear set risers out there that can be purchased for this bike?
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Try stiffening up the suspension a bit. It's very soft as it comes from the factory. Perhaps even stiffer springs. And your body position will affect things as well. I'm old so I just like to move my body to the inside of the turn and keep my butt on the seat. It works pretty well especially on long rides.

If all that has already been addressed then I apologize for coming across as a patronizing idiot.
Are the balls of your feet on your pegs?
My personal opinion is that it would be much too uncomfortable to curl up my legs any tighter on this bike. hitting your toe does not mean you are out of cornering clearance. In fact all it means is that you are hitting your toe. you will run out of tire before you run out of lean angle. If it bothers you to hit your boot then consider, but if it just because you think you are running out of clearance, that isn't the case. also, if you start to hit the peg feelers, the peg will fold up, giving more clearance
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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