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Rear fender-o-matic

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OK gang, my Yosh fender eliminator doesn't keep my back and helmet from getting peppered or sprayed by the elements, same as yours. Well I saw this Black Plastic Fenders Rear Splash Guard for Motorcycle | eBay on E-bay and will see if I can graft it on. Has nice beveled contours like the Ninja. For 7 bucks what the hey. I'll post up some pics when I get done. Ships free from China so might have it on (or not) by Thanksgiving. Wish be luck.
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sooo, how did fender-o-matic work? auction says it's convenient for use, wondering if that's right.
OK, so here's the scoop. I simply overlaid a 6 1/2 by 3/4 inch strip of 1/8 aluminum over the fender piece and pinch it on to the back of the license plate. I put slightly longer bolts in the bottom mounts to accept the additional nylock 10 mm nuts. Works well and installs in a minute, stores easily. If I actually rode in all weather all the time I'd just leave the hideous stock fender on it but I'm mostly a fair weather rider.


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Looks nice! I like it. I have no choice but to leave the stock fender and have been thinking how to extend it with all the **** rain I've been stuck in lately. :mad:
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