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So without really checking if it was compatible I bought the stem mount for my 2019 1000sx.

I was a tad disappointed when I realised its not really compatible with the stem bolt on our bikes... However I have come up with a solution solved by my addiction to pepsi max šŸ¤£

So the issue with the compatibility is that the stem bolt expands after the hex nut, meaning you can't get it the quad lock to expand enough... So I started looking for simple ways to close that gap, then I picked up my pepsi can that I was drinking and the lightbulb moment happened.

I simply cut 3 strips out of the can, curled them up, insterted them into the bottom of the stem bolt and everything went in and tightened up perfectly.

I also found that by default the quad lock expansion metal bits are very tight getting them through the hex portion of the stem bolt, so I removed each metal piece from the o rings and just gave them a once over with a bit of sand paper. Just a little was enough for it to slide through a little easier.

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