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Pit Bull Front Stand

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The 2014 Ninja 1000 and ZX6R use the same #15 pin for the head lift stand. I discovered the brake lines interfere with the stand on the 1000 tonight. Short of removing the bracket each time I need to raise the front, is there a workaround that anyone knows?
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I've only used my front stand once, and from a casual glance it looked like you might be able to grind a little off of the stand to clear the brake lines. I'm not going to mess with mine though, since I only raise the front once or twice a year, and it's just one bolt!
I hate to modify my stand. I may be anal retentive, but each of my bikes get lifted every time they are washed. I imagine the previous non-abs models didn't have an issue with the #15 pin. I've needed a fork lift stand for a while again. Suppose I'll get another one soon.
I use the T-Rex front and rear stands on my 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS. No interference issues with brake line parts etc.
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i have pitbull front stand and it fits without any pins at all although you have to make sure it rests below the forks well or it can slip off..happens all the time.
For as often as I use the stand with #15 pin, I just loosen the bolt that holds the ABS line in place and move it to the side while I am pulling out the triple tree dust plug. Takes an extra few seconds. Only option is to use a fork stand which is less stable or reroute brake lines with new hoses.
the fork stand works fine as long as your careful it will slip off if you dont get it on correctly.
I've used both and will never go back to a fork one. The setup I have is expensive and I know it. But it is so stable that I can take both wheels off and work o bathe bike without fear of it falling.
I hear you on that...it isnt stable unless you get it under the forks just right...takes a bit but once its on there good its pretty stable.
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