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pirelli angel gt tires

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first post, but i have been lurking for a few months.

i am looking into getting these tires for my 14 n1k. i see that pirelli specs a standard tire and an A-spec tire (the D-spec is for the ducati multistrada). the A-spec is a 2 ply for heavier bikes. does our bike fall into that category? no 2 up riding for me, and my loads i carry in the bags really aren't that heavy. usually just a lunch box and when i have my pistol matches a few hundred rounds of ammo and a pistol.

intended riding is a sporty version of touring. i am coming from 14 years of sport bike riding mostly on CBR 600s. my knees, back, and wrists can't handle the sport bike ergos anymore.

during my weak google-fu trying to decide on the pirellis or the michelins is when i learned about the A-spec tires.

it is going to be the 55 profile for the rear.

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I've had these tires before and while they're great tires, they just don't last long. Tread wear is nowhere near what they claim (in my experience). Looking at the reviews for them on some sites, others are experiencing the same issue. I don't know about the A-spec or standard ratings but I'd put our bike in the standard rating. I'd put something a lot heavier like the Concours or FJR in the A-spec category.

My next tire will either be the Michelin Pilot Road 3 or 4, Avon Storm 3D, Avon Storm 2 Ultra (I've had about 4 sets of these and love them but they're an older model tire) or the Metzeler Roadtec Z8. From all the reading I've done, these are by far the most popular tires for Sport-Touring.

Got the angels on my 2014----about 1600 mi so far---- so good--seem to stick to road very well
I've had them on my Daytona. I probably would've gotten at least 10k out of the rear; unfortunately a double puncture decided otherwise. I had 6k on the tire then and plenty left. Of course it is 100lbs lighter than the Ninja. They stick very well; I never had any grip issues even with more aggressive street riding.
Just mounted a set of angel gt's last week and they work great! I, of course went with a 190/55 rear and it does just like everyone says it does.It falls into a turn like it just lost 100 lb and holds it's line like like it never did with the BT016's. I love new tires!
Pittsburgh! every road is a winding road there! I was on 28 north in rockport by the mall I was killing a rental car on the curves to the airport.. I am jealous!

Let us know what you decide on tires. Good Luck!
I have about 4,500 miles on my Angel GTs... I came from the Pilot Road 4s and so far I like the Angels better. I like the feel more than the Roads, they cost about $30 less per set and so far are wearing at least as well.

That said, I loved the Road 2s.... then Michelin added all those sipes to the 3s and 4s... the sipes may be better in the wet but they made the tire a little squirmy for my taste and my theory is they also increase wear rate. I guess we'll see. It doesn't rain much here in So Cal so the Angels seem to be working better for me.
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Sprocket: would you buy the pr2's over the angels if you wanted absolute dry weather performance or would you look at something else ?
Sprocket: would you buy the pr2's over the angels if you wanted absolute dry weather performance or would you look at something else ?
I think yes... I loved those pr2s. I liked the dual compound and they seemed to wear really well. Unfortunately, I couldn't get them any more in 190/55 size. The Angels seem very comparable. I'm down to the last 2,000 miles on the Angels and they are holding their shape well.
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Nothing like popping in on a five-year old thread!

Just put the 190/55 Angel GT's on my 2014. When I first picked up the bike, it was just city traffic and I thought it felt a little too responsive to inputs. Almost squirrely. Keep in mind, though, I had been riding the Battleaxes. Got out on a ribbon road this weekend and was so pleased. It was like entering turns by telepathy. No significant inputs to the bars to initiate the curve, but more input to come back up or do a transition. Also very crisp and pliant over raised pavement markers. I didn't go with the A-spec, but probably should have. I use my bike primarily for seasonal sport touring with hard bags and a pillion. Loving the tires so far. We'll see how long they last.
The a spec is really stiff. It's good on my concours 14, but I dont think I would chose them for something 200lbs lighter, like a Ninja. So what if the thread is five years old. Nothing wrong with an update.
I have the A spec on the front and the rear is normal AGT, didn't know what the A spec was all this time but it works just fine...
@agurudev You don't need A-spec unless the bike is well north of 600 lbs. That said, VFR1200F was right at 600 lbs but I usually ran GT or A-spec (whatever the mfr's designation is for reinforced carcass) on the front tire and non-GT on the rear. I found that non-GT tire tend to feather quickly on the front on that bike, no doubt because I tend to be a heavy braker at times.

The tire doesn't know what bike it is on; it just sees the load imposed on it. If you ride two up often loaded with luggage and gear on a 500 lbs bike, especially if you ride in a manner that induces a lot of fore-aft weight transfer, the tires might see similar load to being on a 650 lbs bike ridden solo leisurely. Then having GT tire(s) on wouldn't hurt, as the load is getting into territory where a GT tire works well.

That said, since you already have an A-Spec front on the bike, you might want to play with the tire pressure some. GT tires have a stiffer carcass and do not conform to road surface as easily when lighten loaded. Dropping the pressure a bit will help with that.
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If you had feathering on your car tire, would you blame the brakes or think about replacing your shocks/struts?

It amazes me when common sense isnt used just because the bike has 2 wheels.
With motorcycles, I think it's different in that you might not have a decent setting available. My 2012 forks would have fit into that category. With that specific fork, Dave Moss could have adjusted it while Jesus held the light, and I dont think it would have made much difference.

There really wasnt much of an option for comfort, control or tire wear. I believe this was improved on later bikes simply because worse wasnt an option.
Sheeeeit, I have been reading an old *** thread...Volfy WTH 😂
Sheeeeit, I have been reading an old *** thread...Volfy WTH 😂
No kidding. I saw agurudev's remark on having an A-spec front, and so I thought I'd just share some thoughts and my experience on that topic... right, wrong or indifferent.

I've been trying to ignore RC's snide remarks, but I apparently got on his sh!t list and he just does it every chance he gets. I didn't come here like Norm & Cliff at Cheers because everybody knows your name. I'm here cus I happen to ride a Ninja 1000 and thought I'd share some notes. If folks think it's good info, great! If not, no biggie. Why all this vitriol I just don't understand and frankly don't much care. In time, I'll sell the N1k for something else and move on to whatever forum for my new bike. No doubt there will be some other RC there that'll take offense to what I have to say. This ain't the first time I've come across this sort of thing, and it sure as heck won't be the last. It won't keep me from calling a spade a spade.

To me, the only unfortunate thing is that other folks might get confused by this mudslinging and not get the right info that could be of some value. That is about the only reason I'd counter. Otherwise, it is just not worth the time of the day.
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I ran 3 sets and one extra rear of the AGTs. 2 sets and the extra rear were A specs. Coaxed 9k out of one rear but was anal about tire pressure being perfect for the riding I was doing. Cruising or highway riding saw near max and would lower it the more aggressive I'd get. Would say I average 7k out of a set and never was easy on them. Road them on the Dragon, Devils highway New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Missouri. Switched to the S21 but only because I was spending more time at extreme lean angles. The AGTs are one of the best tires on the market in my book. I just wanted a slightly more aggressive profile.
Volfy, when were you going to post something with value? Telling people that tire feathering, on a high quality tire, is caused by you braking isnt something with value. Its nonsense you could get by with , on Facebook, but not here.

Its possible that you dont know any better. If thats the case, you should be grateful when someone does know. Snide remarks wouldnt need to happen if you were not full of bulllshit, but you are.
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