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Pickin up #3 in 3 hours

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We are picking up a 2014 MEB, to be parked right next to our 1985 Ninja in a few hours... The first one was a wedding present from my wife 3 days AFTER I married her. This one is to celebrate 30 years - yep Keepers!:)
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Would love to see a pic of that 85'. Very Kool!
Is that right NOW? I hope your wife looks as good as the bike....well done, sir! I remember that front Metzeler tire....man, those were somehtign when they came out.

ME33...????...something like that...
That's so cool. More power to you for putting up for 30 years of misery just to get a new bike. Lol but jokes aside congrats for the new bike and the dedicated wife/marriage. Good for the both of you.
I've had a few other bikes over the years since then... 5 counting the '14 1000.
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