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Recently discovered the Arkon locking phone mounts and had to try it on the old Ninja. Living in the big city it's nice to know you can lock your phone in the cradle at a gas station, fill up and walk into the store to grab a snack or something to drink and not worry about someone snatching your phone.

Here are the parts you need: The infamous windshield bracket, Heavy-Duty Drill-Base Mount with Security Hardware and AMPS Head, Universal Locking Phone Holder with Key Lock and finally some hardware to bolt the arm to the windshield bracket.

If you already have a RAM ball on your bike you can get this but you'll have to supply your own screw and nut or someone can just spin the adjustment knob and run away with your phone. Robust Locking Phone Mount with 4-Hole Metal AMPS Drill Base

Here's what the whole getup looks like on my bike:

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