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owner of new 2014 N1K

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Hi folks , i sold my 2001 cbr 929 rr after a long time and went for a ninja 1000. I was getting tired of the riding position on the cbr, and not having any fun. on the ninja 1000, i can ride long time and not even feel it. I have 180 miles on it so i have not got a chance to open it. It feels slow now :mad:. I do miss my cbr though.

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Hope you have some good weather and some time to get your break-in miles behind you soon. Enjoy.
Welcome , you'll quickly get thru break in & love the engine's abilities.
Those cbr were such cool bikes. I'd hate to sell one. The original cbr 900 came out, and turned motorcycling upside down. By 98, the gsxr's had gotten fat. This lightweight Honda is a lot of the reason the Ninaj 1000 weighs 490-500 lbs instead of 600-650 like the were.

It weighed 420 lbs at a time when its competition weighed 600 lbs. Think about that!

The stock Ninja 100o is pretty plugged up. Power is restricted down low, and the exhaust system wont let it breathe up on top.

Once break in is complete, you'll find the Ninja 1000 has similar top end to your cbr, but down low, and midrange, it will chew up the cbr and spit it out. The ninja 1000 is made for low end and orangeade..perfect power on the street.

An exhaust, power commander, and ecu remap will give it another 25 hp.
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