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Omg, this is killing me!

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After bringing home my leftover '13 yesterday, I was able to put 30 miles on her today. My initial impressions are very positive. I like the ergos, the handling, brakes, etc.

I do have two issues with the bike though. The first is easily fixed for about $100 and that's the flimsy stock windscreen. While the wind protection seems fine, the bike will look better with a tinted screen.

And my second issue is more me than the bike. I don't know how I'm going to get through this friggin' break in period!!!! 4000 rpms for 600 miles and 6000 rpms til 1000 miles?!? This is torture!!!!!! I know there are many different views regarding proper ways to break in a motorcycle. Some people say break it in like you stole it, others say break it in in the manner in which you plan to ride it and then there is sticking to the factory recommendations.

Since I just dropped down over $4000 cash and I am financing another $4000, it is likely I will own this bike for quite some time. So I will likely stick somewhat close to the factory recommendations if for nothing else a bit of peace of mind. But thoughts, opinions and experiences on break and procedures are welcome.

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I agree with the windscreen ... I installed this one Puig Racing Windscreen Kawasaki Ninja 1000 2011-2015 - RevZilla

As for the break in, i know how hard 59 mph at 4k is but you need to stick to it, you will be glad you did.
I have the same windscreen as Kalgath. I've actually owned two Ninja 1000s now... I broke the first one in per the owner's manual and my current one I did a hard break in. Absolutely no difference in performance between the two. For the third one... thinking I'll stick to the manual again, but really I think people make too much of a big deal out of the break in. :)
the break-in procedure in the manual is meant to cover their liability and limit potential warranty claims. Ride, have fun, no worries.
Its impossible to only do 4K.. just do 5K :) 1K rpm...who cares:)
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How I broke mine it was the first 100 miles I kept the rpms under 5k and after that that I kept it under 7k until the break in service. They said it look all good but who honestly knows. The mechanic told me that you can damage the bike more so by staying in a constant rpm for a prolonged time then redlining it. He also said that inline 4s are pretty bulletproof and just don't beat on it too hard cause everything is tight at first. I'm almost at 2k on the odometer and I have no problems.
I did similar... Kept under 4k for the first 50...then under 6000k for the next 50 now under 7k until 500 with only a few seconds at that....just watch your temps...if the temps are OK then you can push harder..
Dont abuse the clutch or breaks and you will be fine...
I ride it like I stole it after 500 miles..

Soft break in will only result in burning oil later on..
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