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Older rider with new Ninja

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I have been riding for a lot of years, went through the Harley phase, bought a new ZZR back in 2002, rode it roughly 60k and loved it. I'm planning a coast to coast and back in Sept and my bride (bless her) said 'I don't think you should do that on a 12 year old bike.'
So with her in favor of a new bike, what could I do?
New 2014 in blue with the hard bags. So far, have about 1500 miles on it. Clearly needs a new seat and windshield for long rides but I LOVE the bike.
Looking forward to the discussions and input on the forum.
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Congrats...by older, I'm assuming 90 years old.....I'm 50 and the Ninja makes me feel 25 again. The testosterone injections dont hurt, either...
Well welcome first off. Watch the old comments, I'm so old my age and IQ match!!
Welcome. Looks like there are a lot more experienced riders out there on the new Ninja 1000 than thought. I agree with you about the seat and the windshield. I just lowered my foot pegs to give my 70 year old knees a brake.I will probaly go with a Corbin seat as I have good luck in the past with them. The wind shield is up in the air maybe a vStream.
Good luck with your new bike.
I'm a mere 66. I am going to lower the pegs as well. I'm 6-2 and there is less legroom than the ZZR. I am going to try the Buell pegs which supposedly give another 3/4"
Welcome!! you guys are making me feel like a child at a mere 45yrs, feels dam good for a change.
Welcome veteran ninja warrior.
Here's to the "rebels without a clue" who are riding sport bikes in their golden years.

We should rename this forum: The Prostate Posse.
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Check out Motowerks they have 2 different peg set ups plus a niece clevis to lower your brake pedal. I used the blocks to lower the stock pegs. It really worked slick. Not a hole bunch more than buell pegs and they work with proper brake pedal location. Shift lever is no prob.
check it out.
I guess I won't mention my age lol. But yes a new windscreen is on top 5 wish list for me too. I have heard nothing bad about the puig one
I guess I won't mention my age lol. But yes a new windscreen is on top 5 wish list for me too. I have heard nothing bad about the puig one
Check out the thread on windshields for more feedback.
ZZRick - wish I could find the time for a coast to coast (and back) trip. I'm jealous.
Seems that quite a number of the , uh, more mature, riders are looking at replacing the stock seat.
It is a 'bucket list' ride and I intend to make the most of it.
However, the stock seat will not be part of it.
I find the windscreen quite adequate, and the seat quite comfortable...although the pegs are a bit cramped...but then again i'm comparing to this:

Real Men Ride Naked. But at 25, i guess i'm more capable of withstanding the wind, although i was just at an 80 yr old's birthday party and he rides a Ducati 1100 Monster.
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I looked at the FZ09 but couldn't deal with that seat. I'm sure part of it is age but if I am going to ride it 6000+ miles in September, in all kinds of weather, I need some protection. At 6-2, there just isn't much with the stock windshield. My ZZR, even with bar risers, was much better. I will probably use the stock windshield except for long trips.
I put a seat concepts seat on my bike, and some longer handlebars with less rake, so better turning and more forward lean. The wind is extreme, but it's a good speed limiter, and the engine is perfect. I have a trip to Montana planned(1100 miles each way) and I'm probably gonna get a fugly windshield to reduce the strain. It's definitely no a long distance bike with its 3.7 gallon tank, but it sure has a comfortable seating position with a lot more legroom than the N1K. I get cramped easily on the ninja, but the 09 it's the wind and light steering that get old.
I just ordered the Motowerks kit to lower the pegs on the N1K. Hopefully, that will solve the legroom issue.
I went with a Sargent Seat and I love it compared to stocker.
I am waiting for CalSci to get their 2014 Ninja pattern done for windshield upgrade.
Their science approach eliminates the null/dead-low-pressure zones that many ws produce.
I bought some foam slip-ons for about 11 on amazon for the grips. I too have a blue 2014 with oem bags. I am loving it!
I fully agree wit the recommendation of a vStream! Thought I might be a bit older than most on this forum as I bought my '13 Ninja Thou' as a "retirement" present to myself, but I see at a mere 43 I'm one of the youngsters!!!
I think I may be the youngest here! Almost 21...I came from a V-Strom to this. Much less leg room, but my young self can wind up into the saddle nicely on this. I am 6'3" but am debating putting a Rick Mayer seat on mine this off season. I had one on my previous and my dad has been running with them for his past couple bikes. I very highly recommend his products. You get exactly what you want from him.
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Bondo, I'm 6'2" and a bit on the chunky side (a British outhouse as we say on the other side of the pond!)! I've not done any distance since I changed the screen, but find the vStream screen better and even use it on the lowest setting which I couldn't with the stock screen. The dark tint looks better as well and even if it's slightly larger it still looks good, IMHO.

I'd like to know more about the seat you suggest as the stock isn't great.
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