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Ohio Riders -fb group created

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I casually defined this as 'Ohio' mainly because I tend to gravitate from central ohio to south east ohio (hocking hills). But in the future I would like to make trips to the dragon and maybe farther.

Anyways I ride quite a bit and enjoy riding with other people, but I had no way of setting things up on the spur of moment. So I invited a few of my friends to a face book group called: Ohio Sport Touring Motorcycle Group

If you are interested in attending rides (that will probably be set up only a couple of days/hours in advance). Please lookup the group on FB and I will add you.

After speaking with a lot of you I think you know that we will ride briskly.. but responsibly and riding with other riders that know what they are doing is just plain fun.

Take Care
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You could also use
to associate with like-minded people.
Thank Tony I didn't know. But maybe the FB page will still work as a social site. So people are are still invited.

Take Care
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