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Picked up my Ninja 1000 in North Carolina Saturday. Six hour drive each way but worth the deal. Was in the market for a lightweight sport touring bike to ride through the N. Georgia and Carolina mountains and rolling hills. Love the bike so far and find it easier to ride than my Versys 650. Only negative is that it's a bit more busy sounding than I wanted.

I'm 58 and a relatively conservative rider. I plan for my front tire to stay on the ground...at least that's the plan. I'm already thinking about mods to bring it more on the touring side. Proposed:
Full windshield. V Stream Touring maybe
Gearing - I'm going +1 in front and maybe -2 in back
Heated grips...I ride year round and a lot in the cold shaded mtns
Possibly a foot peg lowering kit. I had one on my Versys and appreciated the extra space.

I'm looking forward to sharing thoughts and ideas.
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Welcome, seems like you're already infected by that incurable disease, mod fever. Me too. :D
Welcome aboard Dave... good luck with the mods!
Dave welcome. I have all the mods you mentioned. All those make the Ninja 1000 a really nice lite sport touring ride.
Unless you're tall, and the long arms that come with such an affliction, I highly recommend the Murph risers. They do a great job for us short folk.
Welcome aboard as well ! I'm about 10 yrs younger and want the same kinds of things out of my '13 NIK. Think I'd like to get that V Stream as well. Enjoy the ride !
Welcome, Dave! Sounds like you're doing the things that many others do. If you don't mind my asking, where in NC did you buy your bike? I got mine at Sport Cycles in Rockingham.
Hornblower, yes Sport Cycles. I think you got the 2014 I wanted and I had to go with a 2015, but the deal was still great compared to Atlanta. BTW, their rebates from Kaw ended and the bike is a lot higher now. We both did well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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