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Ninja 1000 service manual

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the link doesn't work anymore. Someone have the PDF file please ?
Link still works for me. BTW - the downloadable manuals do not include the 2014 manual.
The link work, but it is no more available to download.

When I click on the "Download Manuel" link, it show a page with the message :

"The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.
Please check back soon.

If you are the owner of this website, please contact Technical Support as soon as possible. "

I try to download it since 1 week and it still not working. I think the admin of this site cancel this option because of copy right or something like that...

Does any body have the PDF and can send it by email maybe
I have the 2013 one. I can e-mail it if you like.
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I have the 2013 one. I can e-mail it if you like.
Me too please!
PM sent.

You rock NN!

Cambridge, ON
No problem guys; let me know if they came through. Is there a way to just attatch this to the site somehow?
Got it, started to print it, wow lots of pages. Think I will keep it in digital form for now...
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Yup - my copy of the 2013 Service Manual is 755 pages long. The PDF file is just over 18MB. My copy is locked so I can't break it into smaller sections or do a reduced size edit on it.
PM replied, but you still need to send me your email address.
I got a freebie version from somewhere a while back and it downloaded as an iBook. Not sure if I can access it on other devices or save it off though!
can you please help me with the kawasaki 1000 manual if you have it.
thank you I appreciate it.
Sent; Welcome to the forum.
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thank you very much Northen Ninja, you the man

Anyone have the 2014 or know where to get it?

I imagine there will be some differences from the previous model years.

Thank you in advance,

Nothern Ninja - you're the best! Thank you..
1 - 20 of 136 Posts
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