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Hi, I'm thinking to buy either a 2015 Ninja 1000 - or Versys LT 650 or 1000. This will be my forth Kawasaki motorcycle. The only issue I have with the Ninja 1000, is a problem I have with my neck from too many sport
bike miles. Doctor told me to get off the sport bikes and get a cruiser, my heart won't let me. I saw they might make a short handle-bar riser/adapter for the N1000. I'm 5'9", I need the bars back about 2" to give me what I think will be a more up-right seating position. What do yall think?
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Have you tried a v-rod or Yamaha warrior? This would be a middle ground between cruisers and sport bikes.

Risers might make the N1K useable.
If you're used to a sportbike, the N1k is pretty upright already. I just did a quick check on Helibars website, they don't list a riser/replacement for the N1k, but you might hit them up anyway - some other Kawi model might fit.
The February edition of Cycle World they do a long term write up on the 2014 N1K and they put Murph's bar risers on it. $154. murphskits.com
maybe it was here or over on riderforums.com but someone was selling murphs risers. I would be tempted to see how you like the upright position before instantly trying to 'fix' it. Coming from supersports to an n1k myself, riding fatigue is so much less on this bike that it is not a factor.

Good luck!
What GaryK said was what I was saying. I just came off an R6 to this bike, and I'm thinking your neck may not be an issue.
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