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New tires, such an improvement.

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Well after being very disappointed in the handling of the bike to the point of ready to sell it I changed from the factory tire to Pilot Road 4 tires going to a 190/55/17 tire instead of the 190/50/17 profile. The bike feels like a totally different bike now. I took two trips with the previous tires to Deal's Gap "The Tail of the Dragon" and the bike was so difficult to lean in that I could blow it away in the curves with my heavy ZX14. I was very disappointed but thanks to recommendations here on tire size I can say that issue is gone. The bike leans in effortlessly now and hangs a curve like it is on rails. If any of you have doubts about tire sizes, switch to the 55 profile. Absolutely the best mod I have done on the bike. I think I might switch my ZX14 also now from the 50 to the 55.
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