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new owner

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Just to say hello,
traded in 2012 zx10r for new 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS.
guess I'm getting old > 59yrs.
been riding since 1968.
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Thanks; I have to say it is really comfortable.
My short list was this bike, 2016 Tuono Factory, 2015 Multistrada.
Decided $10,500 was enough to spend, I think I am ok with this bike.
A guy at look calls it the "green weanie" :D
Welcome alang!
Seems a lot of us on here are "mature". I'm pushing 56. Welcome!
Maturity doesn't mean a change in riding positions is a bad thing. I think you made a wise choice.
welcome to the forum.
your not old, heck, your a year younger than me!
really liking this bike. it's bike #29 for me.
really liking this bike. it's bike #29 for me.
Welcome Alan, newbie to the site too, good to see some old farts on here 58 myself.

Your not old...just seasoned
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I am pushing 51 and hope to still be riding when I am pushing 81!
thanks guys;
just put on moto centric saddlebags and about to install
renthal 16T front sprocket:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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