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New Owner!!

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I just traded my Triumph Thunderbird 1600 for a new 2015 Ninja 1000. I've been looking for something a little sportier, but with an upright position, and this bike fit the bill. Only have about 150 miles on the bike, but I can tell this will be a blast to ride. Very different riding style, power distribution, and rider position, but I think I'll get used to it:)!!! The power, speed, and handling of this bike are awesome. I hope this forum will be as helpful as the Triumph Thunderbird ones I was a member of.

Adam in Georgia
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You were able to break from the herd and go from cruiser to sport bike.
We have rebels like that here.
Quite a change in rides!! Glad you're enjoying the N1K.
Welcome aboard Adam!
congratulations, and welcome!
I always like the looks of those thunderbirds, but enjoy sport riding too much.
Besides the obvious differences between a cruiser and a sport bike, how did you like the Triumph?
Yay! Another Ninja 1000 owner. :D

Welcome, Adam.

So, now the important question is, what color?
more info

My new N1K is new black color for 2015. As far as how I liked my Tbird, it was a great bike. It was a heavy cruiser, but handled very well and had great brakes and ABS. I think it is the best handling cruiser in its class. The parallel twin had a unique sound to it that I really liked. It wasn't obnoxious or loud, but refined. Even though I loved the bike, I was craving something a little sporty now that I have some years on a bike under my belt. The N1K was exactly what I was looking for. The fact that the Triumph dealers in GA went out of business kind of worried me that I wouldn't be able to find a good mechanic if I needed one also. Triumph makes a great bike, but just wish there was better marketing in the US. Not enough support over hear.

Welcome. There are a bunch of nice people on this forum. I think you'll enjoy it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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