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I was at the local bike show yesterday looking at the '15 Ninja when one of the people manning the booth asked if I wanted a deal on a blue 14. Let's just say the deal was hot enough I got my friend to phone my wife to get permission to pull the trigger. She would at least be polite to him and have a few moments to think about it before he passed the phone back. I received reluctant permission and closed the deal. By the time I got home my wife had called both daughters and seemed in a good mood. There is also a new condition that I have to buy her a present of equal value.
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Your location?

It's always good to have the CFO sign off on all major purchases. Balance of power is a delicate tight rope walk without a net.

Well without getting her blessing she might have grounds to tell me I now have permission to look for wife#2. :)
The "buy me a gift of equal value" must be a universal wife thing. Mine does the same thing every time I buy a new toy. :) I think they learn it in a secret class in high school.
Congrats on the new Ninja!
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It's always better to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission!!!!!! Well anyway, good choice for new rides.
Congrats and welcome KR! Your wife training is going well. Right now I'm working on giving my wife the idea I should upgrade from a 2012 to a 2015... I planted the seed by telling her about ABS and how safe it is... pretty soon I'll fake an "almost wreck" and Boom! She'll get the idea I should upgrade.... :)
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