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New owner near Galveston, Tx

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Hello everyone! New owner from Santa Fe, Tx. Picked up my 2014 Ninja about 2 months ago. I have close to 3000 miles on her and looking forward to many more. My previous bike was a 2006 Roadliner Midnight that I had owned brand new since 2007. This is not the first sport bike I've ridden, but the first I've owned. Definitely my favorite bike thus far (except for the seat, Jesus).


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Welcome to the forum and yes...the seat. Horrible. Lots of info on here about replacement seats though.
Welcome to the forum Gulf Coast. Gotta agree on the stock seat... 200 miles and my azz hurt so bad I wanted to be euthanized.
I did a 15 hr day through the hill country and back to my house. It was a nightmare. Looking at a Seth Laam seat.
I have almost 2K miles on mine and I'm finding it is not as bad now. Does the seat break in or am I just getting used to it? Did 190 miles yesterday. I used to have a M109r and would need to stop every 40-50 miles because it was such an uncomfortable riding position. Now I only stop when I have to go to the bathroom! What a great bike!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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