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New Owner First Ride

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I have 380 miles on the bike. Yesterday i had a chance to put 280Mi with a trip up into MA. Mostly Highway to get a feel of touring with the bike. Beautiful 80 degree day packed my full hat but rode all day with my 1/2 hat and a pair of goggles. The ride was 240 but when i got home decide to bypass my house for another 40, gives a good idea on how much i like this bike. I averaged 42.5 MPG, when i filled up in MA my range was 218 miles.

The suspension is outstanding, eating up all bumps and imperfection Once your in 6th you never have to shift, Half throttle roll on from 70MPH to pass a few semi's I looked down and was doing triple digits. Ergo's and wind protection are comfortable at any speed and the seat is manageable (have a call into Seth Laam he's done my other bikes) The bike has a large sweet spot 60-90MPH over that you start to get vibs but only in the pegs.

I would have to rate this bike a better mount than my XX because of the triangle (better for my 5'6" frame) shorter reach to the bars without being on the tank. I never felt any wind pressure with the shield in any of its three positions.

The bike is very symmetrical and with the bags does not look like a sport bike from the back, more like a touring bike which may help not to draw attention to cagers who dislike them.

We'll as you can tell I'm extremely happy with my choice and look forward to many happy miles
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I think you will be needing a tires soon :)
I think you will be needing a tires soon :)
LOL I'm not a fan of Bridgestone, probably a set of Michelin PP 2ct's sooner rather than later.
Very nice! Glad you are enjoying your new steed.
loving my new ninja as well.
maybe 16t f sprocket later
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